Do you want to know, who is the person behind the Blog ? Here  is the short version:

I’m a 32 years old blogger – by origin a lawyer. Starting a company I had to adapt to marketing rules and values to make my company competitive – straight forward. So I dived into the marketing topics and created this blog to support other founders, marketing supporters, PR agents and others with my experience.

Now it’s your turn to dive into this blog, take profit from the discussed topics and implement them into daily business or use them for discussions in your companies or just for giving me a realistic feedback. Read about creating brands, clever advertising and never forget: In your life you yourself are the most important brand. Success is not impossible.

Last but not least, my claim is to make you having fun reading this blog and in the same step to get feedbacks for it bringing you closer to your success. So take a seat on my  cosy sofa, shown on the top, and take your time to read, discuss and exchange your experiences at this place. Why? Behause  experiences make us smarter.

Best wishes,


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